Valentown Ghost Footage, Explained



Valentown Ghost Footage, Explained

Valentown Ghost Footage, Explained

On April 1st 2006, a team of investigators from Western New York were asked to conduct a Paranormal Investigation in the Ghost Town of Valentown in Victor, New York. During their investigation they captured what appears to be footage of a figure walking across the room.


There is some information about the investigation itself from their website;
The investigation began unlike any other investigation with a walkthrough of the building using our technical people and sensitives to determine the best placement for cameras and audio for the optimum capture results. After the walk through of the huge building, it was determined that stationary IR cameras would be placed on the 3rd floor ballroom, 2nd floor grange and “electric wheel” room, and in the basement. These cameras would record unmanned all evening long and record directly down to a digital hard drive which allowed us to free up the team to spread out through this expansive building.”
“We sent this video to several experts in the field, television producers, and even the camera manufacturer. Let us know your thoughts…1

Well I always enjoy a challenge so thought I should examine this closer.

The Analysis

One of the things I noticed the first time I watched it was the static interference. Occasionally, it appears as though the camera feed is momentarily lost. But if you look closely enough, you will see that the feed isn’t being completely lost, but actually flickering between another feed altogether.

The interesting thing is that, during these brief moments, something in the secondary feed moves. One one static break, it’s there, but on the next it’s gone.

This leads me to believe that the apparition is actually caused by an image overlay. There must of been another investigator in the second room walking around which was being picked up by the team’s other camera. The footage was recorded on wireless cameras straight onto a hard drive, but in this case the signals were merging the images from both of their cameras at the same time.

For a more detailed explanation with screenshots, please watch my video below.

This effect may also be produced if you record over a tape that you have already used which is why it is good practice to always used a brand new tape for each recording you make during an investigation.

– Report by Richard O’Connor



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